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Benefits of Bird Netting

In: Bird Control

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commercial building with bird netting

Pest bird numbers in Hawaii are on the rise, creating a problem for home and business owners due to the damages that these birds can cause. They nest and roost on property and structures, leaving feces and carrying parasites and diseases that can make you and the people around these areas sick. Not only that, they can damage your home or facility and ruin your reputation. Some bird droppings are corrosive and can eat away at cement, and the droppings are unsightly on any property. Farmers can lose crops by the damage from birds pecking at the fruit. Sometimes birds can cause electrical shorts when they get into electrical boxes, and they can damage machinery inside buildings when they fly into gears or break windows. They can even be extremely noisy if roosting under overhangs and roofs. Pest birds can be a nuisance and damage property; they also make property look untidy and rundown. That can be very stressful and the damages can be costly.

There are professional pest control services that can get your home, property, and business back on track by solving your bird problems. Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions can help in a big way. We can service stores, offices, hotels, hospitals, homes, apartment buildings, and more.
We have the tools, training, and technology to get rid of pigeon, sparrow, mynah birds, feral chicken, and other bird problems. There are many ways pest birds can be controlled, like bird netting, shock tracks, bird spikes, trapping, bird wire, and other methods; and we have all of these and more at our fingertips.

Bird netting can be especially beneficial for keeping birds out of areas that can be harmful. It is one of the best ways to prevent pest birds in Hawaii and it will work for all types of birds. The birds get to fly free but are deterred from areas where there is netting. The netting is not flashy or unattractive, and virtually invisible from a distance. The netting can be used on any size property. Not only that it’s durable to withstand effects of the sun, and it’s waterproof!

You can be assured that pest bird netting from Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions is economical, eco-friendly, durable, and effective. Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions can help you deal with your pest bird problem here in Hawaii. Give us a call today to discuss the details and discover which of our industry leading bird control services is right for your property.

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