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Benefits of Plant Pest Control

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aphids on a plant in hawaii

You spend a great deal of time landscaping your yard, working in your garden, and enjoying all the vegetation around your home. One way to spoil the beauty is spotting plant pests. When plant pests invade, it is difficult to control an infestation without losing your hard work altogether, and good luck getting rid of those bugs with ineffective DIY solutions. With the help of a professional, you can experience the benefits of plant pest control. Take a look at what you can expect.

What is Plant Pest Control?

Plant pest control is a method for controlling pests in your garden and on your ornamental plants. Certain plants attract pests, and these are not the ones from which your plants will benefit. Beneficial insects, like lady beetles, are ones that feed on the pests that destroy your garden. We aren’t talking about those bugs.

Plant pest control targets harmful pests that lay eggs and feed on your plants. These are a few of the most common pests that destroy plants:

  • Aphids

  • Thrips

  • Beetles (several types)

  • Caterpillars

  • Cutworms

  • Whiteflies

  • Scale insects and mealy bugs

  • Cabbage maggots

About Plant Pest Control Methods
Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions takes care to protect plants and beneficial insects. Our focus is the damaging insects. We use foliar applications that provide quick relief and short-term residual protection. The root application gets the bugs right at the source - the roots. This method is designed to offer lasting protection. The process allows the plants to ingest the material as it grows, allowing the plant to thrive with its own defense mechanism in place.

Why Choose Plant Pest Control?
Choosing plant pest control is good for your plants and your wallet. Landscaping and planting is hard enough without pests feasting on the plants you work so hard to maintain. DIY plant pest solutions are time-consuming and can become costly if you do them on your own. If you choose the wrong one or mix the solution improperly,  you can harm your plants or the environment.

Protect your investment with plant pest control. Call Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions to find a solution that works best for you so that you can enjoy your plants instead of staring at damaged leaves, droopy buds, crops with holes, or worse - dead stems. We service homes and businesses in Oahu and Honolulu, as well as other portions of Hawaii.

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