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Beware Of Pests While Decorating For Christmas

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Hawaii Pests In Holiday Decorations

Since the day after Thanksgiving, Hawaiians have been preparing for Christmas. We’ve seen holiday displays in store windows, Christmas trees decorated outside and beautiful light displays on some of the businesses in Honolulu. At Sandwich Isle, we know this is an exciting time of year and with Honolulu City Lights just a few days away, we’re all ready to catch the Christmas spirit! But even though it’s almost Christmas, we would be remiss of our duties as pest control professionals to not remind you about the pest concerns that can be related to Christmas decorating.

Pulling out those boxes of decorations and holiday heirlooms from the garage or attic? If these decorations have been put away for the last 11 months, many different pests may have found their way inside. Before you open these boxes and start rifling through the contents, take the box outdoors. If there are pests inside the box, it would be better to release them outside than into your home. If you find signs of mice and rats, including droppings or chewed up decorations, you’ll want to get rid of these items. Rodents are known for spreading diseases through the inhalation their excrement, so it would be best to completely dispose of infested items.

Storing last year’s gingerbread house may have also attracted pests like ants and cockroaches in Hawaii. These pests may have been looking for a tasty snack when they came upon the decoration and when you open the box, there’s no telling what kinds of pests will come crawling out. Storing these decorations from year to year is a gamble; if they are stored tightly, there’s a chance pests won’t find them, but if the storage container doesn’t have a tightly fitting lid, or the container is easily gnawed by mice, your holiday decorations could serve as food for rodents, ants or cockroaches for months on end.

If you plan to get natural decorations, like a real Christmas tree or wreath, you should look it over closely before bringing it indoors. Check for signs of spiders, insects or wild animals that may have nested in the branches. Shake any natural decorations outdoors before you bring them inside to evict any pests that may be hiding inside. You may find that opting for an artificial tree is a lot less hassle and won’t dry out the same way a real Christmas tree does!

At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, our biggest concern is that your Honolulu property remains pest free. If you would like more information about our services because you already have a pest problem or you would like to be proactive about pest control and prevent a problem before it occurs, give us a call today! We can offer pest control for many different common household invaders, including termites in Hawaii. Contact us today for more information!

Sending you and your family the best this holiday season; may you enjoy friends, family and the season without worries of pests in Honolulu! Mele Kalikimaka!

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