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Bird Birth Control Now A Viable Solution To Hawaii's Pigeon Problem

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For the past few years Ovocontrol P has been used with great success in humanely reducing pigeon populations around the country by affecting the hatch ability of eggs. Although the product was available in Hawaii, owing to excessively restrictive language in the label that did not take into consideration Hawaii's unique pest bird challenges it was practically impossible to comply with the label, therefore the product had very limited use.

In July of 2012, Michael Botha from Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions met with Erick Wolf the owner of Innolytics the company that manufactures Ovocontrol P and decided to work together to do what ever was necessary to make the product available as a practical bird solution in Hawaii. Through their persistent efforts and with the help of the Pesticides Specialists at the Hawaii Department of Agriculture. a new label was designed and submitted to the EPA for approval. On October 11th the label was formally "stamped and approved" by the EPA which now makes Ovocontrol P a viable solution to Hawaii's out of control pigeon problem. "We are very excited to have another tool in our box to humanely reduce pest bird populations in Hawaii, in fact as soon as we notified our clients yesterday that the label was approved, we had a number of our accommodation and hospitality clients contract with us to begin our humane Ovocontrol P pigeon reduction program" said Michael Botha.

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