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Bird Control Solutions For Hawaii Businesses

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pigeons in honolulu

One of the most common pests to businesses worldwide are birds. In fact, birds will gather in almost any place where there is space, food, and a water supply. Unfortunately this includes most businesses in Honolulu and Oahu. And although flocks of birds may seem innocent enough because you see them so frequently, they can actually be quite hazardous. Just a few examples of how pest birds can affect your business are as follows:

  • Bird waste can be extremely unsanitary to working conditions.

  • The birds themselves can carry diseases and pathogens that can spread to both employees and customers.

  • Damage to machinery and equipment.

  • Damage to the facility and structures.

  • Can be very harmful to a company's reputation.

  • Some birds can become aggressive towards people and cause quite a scare.

Nobody wants this to happen to their business. And to keep pigeons, mynah birds, and other birds of Hawaii away, there are a couple simple steps you can take to help prevent birds from troubling your Hawaii business. First of all, you want to avoid landscaping that is heavy with gardens and shrubs. These places will provide food sources and cover for birds where they feel safe. And when birds find a food source they will return over and over. Similarly, think twice about fountains or other water features; these also can provide a convenient food and water supply. Other features you want to steer away from are covered entryways, corrugated roofing, and flush-mounted signage. Birds will use these areas to make nests. And many species of birds will attempt to nest in the same spot generation after generation. This only means that your pest bird problem will continue to get worse and worse for years to come.

If you notice birds becoming a problem, time is of the essence. The pest bird control experts at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions have years of experience in bird control including OvoControl, solar panel exclusion and many other bird removal techniques. Contact us today to rid your Honolulu facility of pest birds. 

This blog was originally published on May 27, 2012 and has be updated to reflect the most recent and up-to-date information on bird control in Honolulu and surrounding areas in Hawaii.

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