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Birds And Your Home's Solar Panels

In: Bird Control

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protect your solar panels from birds in hawaii

A common problem for Honolulu home owners are birds roosting on the roof. Pigeons, red jungle fowl, mynah birds and other pest birds make a lot of noise and can cause a lot of damage, especially on a roof with an expensive solar panel array. These pest birds need to be removed at the very first sign of an infestation, before their nesting materials and droppings cause a significant problem. The shaded area beneath solar panels can get covered with leaves, twigs and other nesting debris; this stuff will clog up gutters and will eventually become a fire hazard. The old bird barrier solution used for a typical roof pest bird problem is inappropriate for a roof with solar panels. To make sure that birds don’t nest on a roof with solar paneling, you must install bird exclusion that is specifically made for solar panels.

At Sandwich isle Pest Solutions, it has become obvious to us that solar panels are being installed across that state on homes and commercial facilities alike. These panels are a great energy alternative and with Hawaii’s sunny days and favorable weather, they can pay for themselves in no time at all! Unfortunately, these panels seem to attract many of the pest birds that call Hawaii home. To prevent pest birds from making your roof their home, when solar panels are present we offer a solar panel exclusion kit. Our innovative kits keep birds, like pigeons, from getting under solar panel arrays, which protects your roof and keeps wiring and expensive solar panels from becoming damaged by pest birds. Our exclusion kits are easily installed, will protect against multiple species of birds, will include a 12 month renewable warranty and most importantly are 100% effective.

Choosing to install a solar panel array on your roof is a big decision, but it can really pay off in the end. Unfortunately, along with installing this energy saving system, you must also think about bird control efforts to be installed at the same time. Pest birds in Hawaii are attracted to the open area beneath the solar panels for nesting and roosting, so solar panel installation and pest bird exclusion should go hand in hand. If you’ve been in the market to install a solar panel system, or you have a system installed already, make sure you call our Honolulu pest control  professionals for a pest bird site evaluation. Our knowledgeable professionals will make evaluate your situation and then offer solutions to protect your roof from pest birds and the problems they may cause for you and your home.


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