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Carpenter Ants, Public Enemy Number 2

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carpenter ant up close

We all know that when it comes to wood-damaging pests, termites are public enemy number one. This means that every other wood-destroying pest gets immediately relegated to the position of number two, or three. But, we would like you to seriously consider avoiding this mindset when it comes to carpenter ants.

The numbers tallied each year for wood-damaging pests definitely make it seem like carpenter ants are no big deal. While termites cost U.S. property owners billions, carpenter ants only cost millions. But this is not as cut and dry as statistics would have you believe. Carpenter ants can do a lot of damage, especially here in Hawaii--and especially under the right conditions.

The reason termites do so much more damage than carpenter ants is partly due to how they do it. Since termites consume wood, they don't leave sawdust for home and business owners to find, like those carpenter ants. If the right conditions exist for sawdust to be concealed, it can allow these pests to go undetected. A few of the ways this can happen are:

  • A crawl space under a home that goes uninspected year after year.

  • Carpenter ant kick out holes pushing sawdust into a room that has sawdust, like a woodshop.

  • Sawdust being pushed out behind bushes or in an area that can't be easily seen, such as under a deck or patio.

  • Sawdust being pushed out into an area that is visually cluttered.

There is another reason carpenter ants are allowed to get away with living in a structure for years. Many people think that they'll know how bad their carpenter ant infestation is by how many carpenter ants they see crawling around. But carpenter ants don't have to feed on the food inside a home they are infesting. They can feed on a wide range of foods that can be found outside.

The last thing you should know about carpenter ants is that they send out flying reproductives every year, just like termites, with the purpose of establishing new nests within a structure. If you're finding winged ants on your window panes, don't simply vacuum them up. Call a professional and have your issue checked.

Carpenter ants may be number 2 but, left untreated, they may find a way to become public enemy number 1 in your home or business. Keep your Hawaii property protected with assistance from the experienced and educated pest specialists here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. We know the bugs that attack man-made structures, and the protocols necessary to control them.

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