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Common Damages Feral Pigs Cause

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feral pig grazing

Living in Hawaii is something many people dream of doing. Hawaiian residents get to enjoy the brilliant blues of the ocean, white sand beaches, and stunning tropical flowers on a daily basis. For many that live here the picturesque landscape of mountain and ocean, the many recreational activities available to us, and the lively culture that surrounds us are all considered perks. Overall, there is nothing quite like living the island life.

Similarly, to other places that have issues with wildlife, Big Island, Honolulu and all of Hawaii has certain wildlife that can be disruptive to this classic image of living here. A common issue in particular is the feral pigs. Feral pigs are problematic for agricultural and environmental reasons. First, they devour the natural vegetation. Secondly, their trampling packs down the soil and uproots the shoots of growing plants underneath. Additionally, they rototill the soil and destroy the soil structure. Feral pigs create places of standing water by destroying the native forest. This is a large problem because it causes a place for more mosquitoes to breed, potentially spreading diseases that mosquitoes carry. These diseases primarily affect native birds that are rare and endangered. These birds can only be found in Hawaii and are considered a Hawaiian treasure. Feral pigs are a menace to us, as well. Many residents report damage that feral pigs have done to our lawns and our own gardens. These damages can cost us thousands of dollars to repair. Because feral pigs have no natural predators, it is up to Hawaiian residents to take control of them.

Despite wanting to deal with feral pigs on our own, this is not a “do it yourself” situation. The best solution is to contact Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, who are committed to helping Hawaiian residents deal with feral pigs in a way that is effective, cost efficient, and humane. Their goal is to successfully maintain and control the damage that feral pigs can cause. Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions offers a variety of methods for feral pig management. Small-scale trapping is one of the more popular ways and is most useful in highly populated areas. However, trapping is focused mainly on individual pigs. Another management technique is fencing, which is more expensive but highly effective and allows for increased control without complete eradication. There are other methods available to our wildlife control experts and are implemented based on the severity of the problem. Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions is licensed, insured and has obtained all of the permits that are required to maintain feral pigs in the safest and most humane way as possible.

Yes, feral pigs can be a nuisance for residents, but the stress and damage they cause does not have to override the ideal way of living that we cherish. Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions can help maintain that picturesque image of life here in Hawaii.

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