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Common Problems Caused By Mynah Birds

In: Bird Control

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If you have lived in Hawaii for any length of time, then you already know that Mynah birds are trouble. Even visitors quickly discover how troublesome this invasive bird species can be as they sit down for a relaxing meal at the café of their choice and helplessly watch as their lunch flies away in the beak of this aggressive and presumptuous bird. But did you realize that Mynah birds are not just pesky, invasive members of the bird family? They are actually a dangerous bird to have living on and around your Hawaii property. Here are 5 of the top reasons why you do not want Mynah birds living on your property:

  • Mynah birds are aggressive creatures and are extremely territorial and protective. They harm native species by aggressively snatching food and nesting sites from them causing malnourishment, disease, and death of these native species and throwing our delicate ecosystem out of balance.

  • Mynah birds are destructive. They cause frequent and extensive damage to buildings by blocking gutters and drain pipes which can cause water damage. They also nest in or near air conditioning systems, venting systems, and machinery causing damage to these items and even pose a fire risk when nesting materials become entangled in the electrical components of machinery. These birds also damage landscaping and devour fruit and grain crops.

  • Mynah birds are extremely noisy. They are social birds and communicate frequently creating quite a racket, but it is the communal noise before they sleep that can be deafening.

  • Mynah birds carry parasites. In fact, they can carry over 50 different kinds of parasites and more than 2/3 of them are capable of infesting structures and causing disease.

  • Mynah birds are responsible for carrying and spreading harmful diseases to people and pets. Bird feces are known to be contaminated with more than 60 different pathogens that can be transmitted including histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and E. coli among others. When bird dropping dry they can become airborne causing easy transmission of diseases making cleaning contaminated areas indoors dangerous without the correct safety equipment.

If you find that Mynah birds have chosen your property as their nesting spot, be sure to contact the bird control specialists here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. We utilize exclusion devices, Ovocontrol birth control programs, netting, baiting, and humane trapping procedures to ensure the elimination of Mynah birds on your property. Plus, these birds are very persistent and very dangerous pests, requiring the expertise of trained professionals to ensure that the birds are safely removed and their droppings are appropriately cleaned to avoid pathogens becoming airborne. To learn more about our Mynah bird control services, our satisfaction warranty, or any of our comprehensive solutions for pest pressures on your Hawaii property, contact us today.

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