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Do Centipedes Really Bite?

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centipede in sink

Centipedes are predatory animals with pincers on their front legs that are infused with venom. When centipedes grasp their prey, they inject them with poisonous venom, which is referred to as a centipede bite. Centipedes are typically shy and would prefer to hide from humans, but if they are hunting for food or cornered, they will bite in self-defense.

In tropical areas like Hawaii, centipedes get large enough in size that they can pose a threat to humans through their bites. The scolopendra centipedes are the species you need to be most concerned with as they can cause extremely painful bites if handled roughly or accidentally pressed on bare skin. For the most part, humans are big enough to handle centipede bites, but people may experience symptoms similar to that of a bee sting. If you are allergic to centipede venom, then you could experience difficulty breathing, fever, swelling of the throat, and increased heart rate that may require medical attention.

Why Do Centipedes Go Into Homes?

If centipedes are found in your home, it usually means you have an abundance of their prey inside. House centipedes can be found in basements, under concrete slabs, inside cement block walls, in floor drains that do not have water traps, and under and in cardboard boxes stored in the basement. Since centipedes love damp, dark locations, you might also find them in your bathroom, primarily at night.

How to Prevent Centipedes

To prevent or at least reduce the number of centipedes in your home, you should reduce the number of centipede food sources that exist there. Centipedes eat arthropods, so eliminating them through the use of stinky insect traps or other methods will eliminate the desire of centipedes to come into your home.

Seal cracks and crevices in your block walls, foundation, or concrete slabs. If you have sump pumps, seal the covers with screen and caulk. If you have floor drains in your basement, seal them with window screens to prevent centipedes from entering. Re-grade soil along the exterior of your home to reduce moisture and to create unfavorable conditions for centipedes.

Use dehumidifiers in your basement and/or bathrooms to reduce humidity. Centipedes prefer a moist, dark environment so making the area undesirable will prevent the number of centipedes that target your home as their new place of residence.

Professional Pest Control

Let Sandwich Isle Pest Control eliminate current and future infestations of centipedes and a variety of other common household pests. With year-round pest control solutions for more than 30 different pests – we can protect your home and give you a pest-free environment.

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