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Do You Have A Major Problem With Mynah Birds?

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mynah bird on tree branch

In a far away land called Maine, having a mynah problem has a different meaning than it does here in Hawaii. If you don't remember where Maine is, it is the easternmost state of the United States and a place where the word minor is pronounced mynah. They probably picked this accent up from the fine people of Massachusetts, who pahk their cahs in Hahvad Yahd. But, here in Hawaii--where we actually pronounce the letter r--a mynah problem has to do with birds. And, it can be anything but minor.

Mynah birds are in the family Sturnidae, which is the family of birds starlings belong to. If you're not familiar with starlings, they are considered pest birds in practically every state of the union. Why are these pretty birds considered pests? Here are a few reasons you may not want mynah birds on your property.

  • As with all pest birds, droppings are an issue. They create a slipping hazard on walkways that can lead to injury. The feces from mynah birds is especially dangerous because it has acidic properties that make it corrosive.

  • Studies have shown that transmissible gastroenteritis virus can pass through the digestive system of these birds and become infectious in their feces. This is particularly troublesome if you have livestock.

  • Mynah birds can also be an issue if you're planting seeds for a garden or fruit patch. These birds consume seeds as part of their diet.

  • When these birds come to roost, they can create several issues. If there are enough birds, you're likely to be disturbed by the noise. But, it is the filth of their nesting areas that make them a hazard. It is extremely important to always wear protective gear when dealing with mynah nests. The fungus, Histoplasma capsulatum, found in and under nesting areas can lead to a respiratory disease in humans that, in extreme cases, can cause blindness, and even death.

  • Starlings get into machinery and cause malfunctions to occur. And, they have been known to nest in power boxes, which has lead to outages.

If you are dealing with a mynah problem, don't let it turn into a major problem. At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we have proactive solutions that will work to immediately solve your issue and put in place deterrents that will prevent future infestations. Our educated specialists are the best in the business, and they are given all the most advanced tools available to effectively control bird activity in a way that is safe for humans and brings no harm to those birds.

Mynah birds don't mean to be a problem. Let them know that your property is off limits, with bird control solutions from Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions.

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