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Do You Know How To Detect Bed Bugs?

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The Bed Bug

If you were to pick up surfing, you wouldn't just grab a board and go out into the giant waves. You would want someone to help you recognize the many dangers--even the ones you may not immediately see, like sharks, jellyfish, snakes, stingrays, and urchins. You would want your guide to explain how riptides can suck you out into the ocean and how the impact of a powerful wave can break a bone. You would trust your guide to teach you proper surf etiquette, so you don't make other surfers want to kill you. When you seek out the help of a knowledgeable friend, there is safety. Do you have a knowledgeable friend helping you protect your home or business from bed bugs?

Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions isn't just another pest control company. Several of our team members hold national positions in the pest management industry. When it comes to understanding the habits and habitats of bed bugs, you're safe. With the newest tools, we'll show you how to monitor for bed bugs and teach you the best practices for bed bug detection and control.

We'll show you:

  • How to recognize these round, flat, rust-colored bugs in all their stages of development.
  • How to inspect for shed skins, blood stains on pillowcases and sheets and black fecal deposits on mattress corners.
  • Where bed bugs hide, like upholstered furniture, backboards, baseboards, and outlets.
  • How to recognize bites.
  • Best practices for cleaning bedding.
  • Best practices for helping to comfort guests if bed bugs are found (for businesses).
  • Best practices for deterring bed bugs.

Bed bugs are a hitchhiking bug. These bugs will not crawl into your home or business through the wall--unless you share a wall with another home or business. These blood-eating bugs come in through the front door in luggage and purses, on clothing and people. Knowing how to detect the warning signs can prevent an infestation, and proper sanitation practices can stop an infestation you didn't see.

If you need help monitoring for bed bugs or discreet bed bug eradication, our bed bug experts will be happy to help. Bed bug experts? You bet. We have sent team members across the country to the industry's foremost authorities on bed bugs to ensure that we always provide our clients the most comprehensive and effective bed bug solutions. We continually strive to be the most knowledgeable, experienced and certified pest controller in Hawaii.

Don't let the bed bugs bite. We can help you detect these bugs and get them out, for good.

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