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Do You Know What's In Your Attic?

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mouse in the attic of a home in honolulu

When was the last time you took a trip up to the attic? A great place to store clothing, holiday decorations and other items not commonly used, attics are great. Well, except for the fact that they can be a hotbed for pest activity. Due to less human traffic, and possible clutter, attics are secluded environments that offer many pests including spiders, rodents and even pest birds a safe, undisturbed place to chill (or breed).

Most attics are not a clean, organized room and this is because it is meant for storage. No one is judging you based on your attic so why bother to keep it clean, right? Well, by organizing your attic and storing all of your belongings properly, you will actually be preventing many pests from infesting your Hawaii home, causing damage, and destruction.  

Here are some of the dangers of pests in the attic:

  • Droppings and urine from rodents and birds contaminate surfaces and your belongings.

  • Waste such as feces and urine can also produce airborne illnesses and diseases.

  • Rodents spread diseases as they scurry around the home searching for food sources.

  • Once birds find a place to nest, subsequent generations will continue to return.

  • Constant gnawing of rodents leads to structural damages.

  • Gnawing as well as urine and feces can lead to a fire hazard when it affects electrical equipment.

  • Some spiders create unsightly webs and generally cause quite a fright. Some spiders do bite when they feel threatened however, very few are of any danger.

Clearly, it is important to get rid of pests in your attic and prevent them from getting inside in the future. You will avoid serious threats such as illness, damages and even fires.

If you are one of the unlucky ones who are already dealing with pests in the attic, don’t worry! Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions offers Honolulu pest control as well as elsewhere relief throughout our service area. Please contact us to find out how our residential pest control services will resolve your pest problem.

Now, if your home is pest-free and you want to keep pests out of the attic, there are a few ways in which you can prevent pest infestations in the attic.

  1. Be sure all openings including vents, utility gaps, and other cracks are sealed off.

  2. Store all of your belongings in plastic totes with locking lids to keep pests out.

  3. Remove cardboard boxes, old newspapers, and other clutter, which will inherently remove hiding places for pests to settle in.

At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions we are well aware of the threat of pests when they gain access to an attic or other area of the home, which is why our Honolulu pest control services are designed to quickly and safely remove the threat of spiders, rodents, birds and other common household pests. So if your attic is housing anything but your belongings, make sure to call us right away!

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