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Dog of the Month – Lanie “Sky”

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LAnie Sky

This month’s Sandwich Isle Pest Solution’s Dog of the Month is Lanie! This program is such a hit that Lanie has actually already been adopted, but since we picked her we felt that she was worthy of having her own post. She is a little beauty whose name means “Sky” in Hawaiian – and she is so sweet it’s as if she dropped straight out of heaven! I am absolutely head over heels in love with this most adorable little lady.

This sweetest of baby doggies is thought to be a Portuguese Podengo or at least partly so. Podengos are generally very intelligent and lively. They are fiercely loyal, fearless little pets and make great guard dogs for your home. Podengos are energetic and tons of fun to have around. They are great with children and other pets, too! These great features have not been lost on Lanie.

At her new home she will enjoy playing games with her new family. She loves her crate and her bed. She loves her rubber toys and is very energetic and won't be covering her new families home with hair becuase she shes very little.

Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions is happy to have sponsored this little pooch and others like her. When you choose to adopt one of ‘our’ dogs, we will pay your dog’s adoption fees and send you a goody bag full of fun things for your new best friend, just like we did with Lanie's new family. It is our pleasure to give back to the community that we love and serve in this way. We have been on the job since 1997 offering safe and effective pest control products and services administered by highly trained professionals. The next time you are faced with your ‘battle of the pests’ give Sandwich Isle Pest a call.

Make sure to check back in next month to meet our next Dog of the Month. 

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