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Dog Of The Month-Sweet Savannah

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savannah july's dog of the month

Our mission to protect our community from the harmful effects of pests marches on. One of the ways that we endeavor to free our community from unwanted pests is by sponsoring an orphaned dog each month in the hopes that they will be adopted into a loving family where they can receive love, nurturing, and medical care on a regular basis. That may seem like an odd way to protect you from unwanted pests, but it really is quite effective. You see, when dogs are abandoned, they sometimes are left out in nature to fend for themselves. These dogs then become active hosts to all sorts of parasites and other insects. They are often infested with fleas, mites, worms, and more. They can suffer from multiple stings and become prey for mosquitoes. Not only is this very abusive and harmful for the canine, but it also allows these pests a source of food and a comfortable home on the backs of these poor, unsuspecting pooches. With all of this in mind, Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions Dog of the Month campaign was born.

Each and every month we sponsor a beautiful dog that has been found or turned in to the OSPCA where it was rehabilitated and nurtured back to perfect health. These dogs are often so grateful for the chance at a forever family that they are the most loyal and loving pets imaginable. It is our honor and privilege to cover the cost of adoption for our sponsored doggie and send them home with a gift bag full of goodies to start you off.

This month, we are sponsoring little Miss Savannah. Savannah is such a friendly little girl who enjoys lots of playful fun, long walks and chasing balls. This one-year-old terrier mix is energetic and loves children. She also has a great disposition and enjoys the company of other dogs.

If you are looking to add a fun, loyal, playful member to your family and have the time to frolic and play with this sweet little girl, stop by the OSPCA and check into adopting this little gem. She has so many friends there by her side that are also waiting for a forever home of their own that you should be sure to spread the word to your friends and family members that are considering adding a four-legged family member to their family, and be sure to check back next month for our August dog of the month!

The Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions’ Dog of the Month program is the perfect way to affordably offer a second chance at life for these pups that so desperately want to be loved. Take a look at Savannah today. You will be glad that you did.

*Update... We are proud to inform everyone that Savannah has found her forever home, with this in mind there are sill plenty of dogs looking for their own forever family, please stop by the OSPCA to meet one of them today!

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