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Drywood Termites Are Swarming

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termites swarming in hawaii

As witnessed by Michael Botha, President of Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions

Drywood termites are swarming on Pupukea, north Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.  At 7:45pm on March, 14th,  we experienced the largest drywood termite swarm of the year.  We had thousands of drywood termites swarming around my gate lights that I purposefully turn on when termites swarm.  I believe the gate lights located 100 ft from my house draw termites away from my house, we also turn out our house lights until the swarm dissipates.  Termite swarms usually last 15 - 30 minutes in Hawaii.  As I am writing this as I am watching termites pair up on my lanai table and as the start to look for a new home!

Check back to our site weekly for our Hawaii termite swarm report!

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