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Ducks Becoming A Threat In Hawaii

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ducks roaming around on hawaii property

One of the most innocent and cuddly of all waterfowl creatures is the duck. I mean those puffy little faces and soft little feathers couldn’t possibly pose any kind of threat. After all, ducks are often the subject of children’s coloring book pages, children’s story books, and children’s cartoon series. What could be more innocent and non-threatening as that? In fact, as a child, I never met a duck I didn’t like. Of course, the only ducks I met were on the TV screen or the pages of a colorful book.

For most of us, ducks seem safe. We are groomed from childhood to feel that way; and how many of us have had an adverse encounter with a duck in our adult lives? After all, it’s not like they lurk around the pond just waiting for a chance to pounce on you. They don’t even have sharp teeth or claws to worry about. In fact, they typically will just nonchalantly paddle those little webbed feet as fast as they can to avoid any sort of direct contact with you.

So when you hear that ducks pose a threat to you and your family, it would be easy for you to shrug it all off and pay no attention at all; but that could prove to be a costly mistake. Ducks are a threat and they do pose serious health risks for you. Let’s take a look.

Ducks don’t just damage landscapes and leave slippery droppings all around; they are actually a health threat too. Not only do they carry parasites that harbor and transmit diseases of their own, but they can transmit some pathogens to humans too. Diseases such as Psittacosis and salmonella are commonly transmitted by ducks and other avian creatures, and Campylobacter is one of the more serious infections that you can obtain from ducks. There is also the risk of allergic reactions when coming in contact with ducks or their droppings.

Here in Hawaii, ducks have become so numerous that they are actually a threat to native avian species; and they have become so comfortable around people, that they have lost their natural instinctive fear and can become aggressive when they feel threatened. Yes, they will actually attack you and your pets.

Dealing with ducks can be a complicated and exhausting process, and eliminating them completely from your property is next to impossible for the novice. If you are dealing with pesky ducks on your Hawaii property, contact the professionals here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. Our duck specialists have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to safely remove ducks from your yard.

Don’t let your childhood image of ducks blind you to the real dangers that they pose. Contact Sandwich isle Pest Solutions for your duck solutions today.

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