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Everything You Need To Know About Cockroaches In Hawaii, But Wish You Didn't

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cockroach found in home

Cockroaches in Hawaii are a fact of life - a very disgusting fact of life. Let's be honest, most of us just deal with them, but we shouldn't. These creatures don't just look disgusting. They are disgusting. And, many families deal with illness they think is just the flu or the common cold, that is actually caused by cockroaches in their home. Here's what you need to know, even though we're sure you'd rather be reading about something else.

Identification of Hawaii Cockroaches

Hawaii is home to many species of cockroach, but the three you're likely to find in or around your home are Periplaneta americana (the American cockroach), Blattela germanica (the German cockroach), and Pycnoscelus surinamensis (the Surinam cockroach). It is relatively easy to distinguish between these three species of roach. The Surinam cockroach has a distinctly black area at its head. You'll easily notice this from several feet away. German cockroaches are recognizable by their light tan coloring and two black lines at their head. The American cockroach with is nasty shade of slimy chestnut can be distinguished by the fact that it is much larger than the other two.

Disturbing Facts About Hawaii Cockroaches

  • They bite. It is rare, but it does happen. If the cockroaches in your home are hungry, they can bite. These creatures are omnivores, known to devour the dead carcasses of animals.

  • They travel in dirty places. Besides crawling around in dead animal carcasses, these insects crawl through sewers, dumpsters, trash heaps, and other places where rot and harmful bacteria can be found.

  • They are extremely hard to keep out of a home or business. These are extremely versatile climbers that can compress their bodies to slip through the thinnest cracks. If you do not have a treatment of pest product around your home or business, you are not likely to be able to keep cockroaches out.

  • Cockroaches can get into your home on the bottom of your shoe. Female roaches carry their eggs on their back. If you step on a female cockroach, those eggs can stick to the tread of your shoe and ride their way inside your home. Once there, they can dislodge into carpets and hatch, unattended by the mother.

Don't let cockroaches live in your Maui home or business. Give us a call and set up an appointment to have your structure inspected and treated. Life in paradise is sweeter without cockroaches.

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