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Feral Animals Explained

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feral pig in water

The state of being ‘feral’ is often confused with the wildlife that are born and raised in the wild and that follow the natural order designed for them, but the term “feral” in Hawaii refers to any animal that does not live with humans that was previously domesticated. Somehow, they left their domesticated life and became stray, living off the land and meeting their needs in the wild. Feral animals can be unusually aggressive and disruptive.

The most common feral pests in Hawaii are cats, pigs, and chickens:

  • Feral cats can be lost or abandoned domestic pets. They can spread feline AIDS and leukemia to other cats that they encounter while they are foraging for food and seeking shelter from extreme weather. Often these feral cats do not know or remember how to interact with other animals or humans. They will act aggressively, biting and scratching at anyone that tries to capture them.

  • Feral pigs would have been domesticated at one time, but now they are fending for themselves in the wild. They are very damaging to the native ecosystem by uprooting plants, eating vegetation, and compacting soil as they dig through the ground for food. Feral pigs can wreck entire forests and create huge standing water pools that allow for massive reproduction of mosquitoes. This aids in increasing the spread of avian malaria that kill Hawaiian birds that are endangered. These pigs can cause significant damage to lawns and gardens as well, costing home and business owners thousands in repairs.

  • Feral chickens can cause sanitation issues with their feces, and they can spread parasites and diseases to people in Hawaii. These birds will flock in areas where food is readily available, and they do a lot of damage in a short period of time.

With all of these feral animals, it is important to prevent hosting them on your property in order to avoid their damages and the illnesses that they spread. Never try to capture feral animals or other wildlife on your own. They can be very dangerous, and if they feel threatened by you, it can result in serious bodily harm. Save yourself the trouble of feral animal problems by contacting the wildlife experts here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions before an infestation occurs or at the first signs of troubling feral pests. Our wildlife division leads the way in humane animal exclusion, trapping, and removal. Call us today for more information.

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