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Feral Cats Invade Maui

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feral cat found in hawaii

Remember the first time you looked at that tiny little kitten that just wanted to be picked up and cuddled? How about the adult cat that would rather spend the day curled up in your lap? And then there is the feral cat. Regardless of their color, size, or how cute they may look, feral cats are not of the same caliber as the affectionate, cuddly house cat.

The word “feral” refers to an animal that has escaped domestication and has therefore become a wild animal. It means relating to, or resembling a wild beast. A feral cat, at one time domesticated, has been abandoned or escaped to the outdoors and learned to survive in the wild without the aid or association of humans. They find other feral cats and reproduce young feral kittens that grow up never being touched or cared for by people. These cats, which have never been socialized, become fearful of people, very aggressive, and should be considered dangerous.

Living in the wild and receiving no vaccinations against diseases, feral cats are also capable of spreading a variety of diseases. These diseases can include rabies, RIV, or feline AIDS all of which can be transmitted to your pets. Feral cats can also spread many bacteria such as salmonella, cat-scratch fever, and campylobacter, all of which are potentially dangerous. Another exposure these wild cats bring onto your property is parasites like fleas.

The one thing feral cats have in common with domestic pets is the need for food, water, and shelter. You may, without realizing it, be providing those three things necessary for their survival. You may have a decorative pond or waterfall included in your landscape that would provide them a source of water. Perhaps there is a supply of pet food left outdoors or even unsecured garbage cans that they can forage through looking for food. You may have that perfect shelter under your porch or in an outdoor utility shed or garage. Any of these are likely to attract feral cats onto your property.

Keep in mind that feral cats in Hawaii are more than just a nuisance. They are also too dangerous for an untrained individual to attempt to catch and remove from the property. The ideal solution for Hawaiian residents is to partner with Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions and let us provide this much needed service. The solution to the problem of feral cats goes much further than just catching the cat. Our professionals are highly trained and equipped with safe and humane exclusion devices, trapping and birth control programs to effectively prevent additional feral cat issues.

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