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Feral Chickens in Hawaii

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Feral Chicken In Hawaii

Are you noticing more and more chickens running around Oahu and parts of Big Island? It’s not just your imagination the feral chicken population in Hawaii is on the rise and has been. These wild chickens are truly free range. They can be found just about anywhere from parking lots to beaches, parks to forests. They are being fed by tourists, eating garbage and sometimes pet food. It is hard to truly conclude where these feral chickens came from. Some believe they are just domesticated chickens that escaped while others believe they are descendants of the red jungle fowl brought to the island 800 years ago.

Chickens flock together like many birds do. They lay eggs and hatch their young. They will typically look for grubs in the ground scratching at areas with their claws and unearthing grub to eat. They nest when they are hatching eggs and are active throughout the day searching for food. These social birds have a “pecking order” within their flocks and each one knows their place. They have around 30 different clucks to distinguish different types of danger.

Chickens have a few habits that are not very pleasant and can become destructive. They scratch at the ground to dig up food causing problems for parks and public areas. Their fecal matter may contaminate water sources and other areas. Feral chickens also carry other pests like fleas and ticks and may spread these pests to areas where outdoor lovers hang out. These birds may seem like a curious creature to observe, but the noise they make and the damage they cause can become a real problem.

At Sandwich Isle Pest Solution, we offer a feral chicken control program in Oahu and parts of Big Island. If you feel that feral chickens are starting to over-populate your property, give us a call!

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