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Feral Feline Infestation Takes Hold

In: Wildlife

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feral cats in hawaii

There has been a recent rise in the population of feral cats in Hawaii. There are several different factors that contribute to this rise in population including the fact that people have been discarding unwanted, unfixed cats into the wild as a means to get rid of them. This, in fact, only makes the situation worse! When cats reproduce they have a litter of 5 to 10 kittens and when these kittens are born outside without human contact, they, too, become feral. Also, some people try to ‘help’ by feeding these feral cats – which only helps them to be healthier and stronger, which, again, makes the situation worse instead of better!

There are other factors involved in the Feral Feline Explosion of 2015, and the increased problems these furry felines cause is undeniable. Feral cats can cause damage by digging and tearing up your property to find a place to stay. They leave their fecal matter in your yard contaminating everything it touches, and remember these cats don’t get their routine health checks and de-wormer! They can transmit diseases to you and your pets, and they are typically infested with fleas, ticks, and other parasites that are known to transmit disease on their own.

They can seem like harmless homeless cats, but they are actually aggressive due to the fact that they grew up in the wild. Being sent out alone to fend for themselves makes them afraid of human contact, which in turn kicks their natural instincts into gear. They become fearful and will attack especially if cornered. It really is a sad situation for these once loved pets turned pests.

Though these feral cats can be quite a nuisance, they are cats, and should be handled with care. That is why at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions we offer real humane solutions to this feral feline explosion. If you have feral cats living in or around your property, we will work with you to take care of them quickly and efficiently. Our highly trained team will come in and assess the feline fiasco and determine where they are hiding out.

Our next step toward ridding your property of feral cats is to trap them. Our team uses humane traps to capture these felines and we take them to the shelter to be spayed or neutered. This will keep the cats from reproducing and adding more kittens to the feral cat population.

Feral cats are becoming a real problem in and around your neighborhood. Let our team at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions work with you to find a feline friendly solution. We are here to work with you on this and many other pest issues. Help us help you become part of the solution to end the Feral Feline Explosion of 2015.

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