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Feral Mongooses are not Natives…

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Have you ever made plans with the best of intentions only to find that it has all gone bad? This is what happened in Hawaii after the sugar industry imported mongooses from India in 1883 to help curb the rat population problem especially in the cane fields. It was a great idea – mongooses love to eat small birds and mammals, reptiles and the like. It was the perfect answer to the growing problem of rats – or so they thought.

As it turns out, the mongoose had little if any impact on the rat explosion here. They proved the meaning of the old motto “If you fail to plan – you plan to fail.” The major point that they didn’t consider is that mongooses are active during the daytime and rats are active at night. It’s pretty hard to feast on a meal that you never come into contact with. So, what started out as a good idea has now turned out to be a huge disaster.

Rather than impacting the rats, these creatures “from away” devour our native species of small birds and mammals, reptiles, insects, fruits and plants. The ground nesting birds and turtles are especially vulnerable. On top of it all, because these Mongooses are not native they have very few if any predators to control their growth. As a matter of fact a single female can breed by 10 months of age and has 2 or 3 litters a year at three pups per litter. That means that the average female can produce up to 9 pups a year! Now that’s what I call a pest problem.

Now the damage has been done, so where do we go from here? Well, don’t prove that old motto true by failing to plan. If you suspect that feral mongooses have taken up residence in your yard, call Sandwich Isle Pest Solution and begin your Mongoose control plan immediately. Here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solution we are the largest locally owned pest control company in the Hawaiian Islands, and have nearly 20 years’ experience in dealing with the local pest population. We have two certified entomologists on-site, and are a Quality Pro Certified company. We will inspect your property to determine if a mongoose infestation has occurred, and either remove, transport and relocate your mongooses, or trap and deliver them to the Humane Society. Don’t spend another minute worrying about coming face to face with these weasel-like invaders to our paradise. Instead, talk with us today about our mongoose control and prevention services.

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