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Why Choose Feral Pig Removal From Sandwich Isle?

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why choose feral pigs control by sandwich isle pest solutions

Feral pigs in Honolulu don’t make good neighbors. They make even worse tenants, especially if they’re digging up your back lawn. The only way to keep these pests off your property once they’ve arrived is by enlisting the pros at Sandwich Isle Pest Control. Since feral pigs have no natural predators, they will continue to overrun their environment if not addressed. As soon as a feral pigs becomes a problem for you, call Sandwich Isle for feral pig removal!

Why are feral pigs a problem? They are an invasive species that inflict serious damage on our native Hawaii ecosystems. They eat the vegetation and trample the undergrowth, which can cause problems when they invade in large numbers. They are also known for compacting the soil and uprooting the tender shoots of growing plants. While looking for food, these Hawaii pigs will actually rototill the soil and while this might be useful for you before you plant that garden, it’s not quite so useful once the garden has already been planted.

Feral pigs are known for their destructiveness. Once they have dug holes on your property it creates the perfect place for water to accumulate resulting in prime mosquito breeding territory. So not only do feral pigs destroy, but they can cause further pests to procreate on your property. Obviously, this is not ideal!

What can be done to eliminate these pigs when they arrive on your Oahu property? There are several options. Small scale trapping is a useful tool, especially in populated areas. This option is best for individual pig problems. In larger infestations, trapping may not be successful because although these pigs are destructive, they are also quite clever and learn to avoid traps after a while. Fencing is another effective option for feral pig control, but it can be expensive. Our professionals suggest that you don’t attempt to get rid of feral pigs on your own. These are wild animals and it is not safe to approach them without professional assistance.

To learn more about how we can successfully get rid of these unwelcome guests on your property, give our Hawaii pest control professionals at Sandwich Isle a call today. We can answer your questions about feral pigs and schedule wildlife control services for you. However, we would like to remind you to never underestimate feral pigs in Hawaii! These pests can be ferocious and very aggressive; call our professionals at the very first sign of a feral pig problem.

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