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Feral Pigs Causing Commercial Property Damage

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feral pig in water

What is fast, aggressive, weighs hundreds of pounds, has no natural predators, and is causing costly damages for Hawaiian businesses? The answer, of course, is the feral pig! Feral pigs are running loose and causing a lot of damage to commercial properties in Hawaii. The feral pig removal experts at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions want to educate you about the damages feral pigs cause to commercial properties and how we carefully and completely remove them from your property.

Feral pigs can be likened to a one-man wrecking crew - destroying everything in their path; even though feral pigs may just be trying to live and eat, their natural behaviors are causing big problems and costing big money for business owners. Feral pigs cause a lot of damages to farmer’s crops and destroy properties that commercial businesses are located on. Damages that feral pigs can cause include:

  • Digging soil in order to feed on roots and worms, compacting soil, and uprooting plants

  • Creating hollows in the earth to wallow in which are not only unsightly but will attract hordes of mosquitoes

  • Feeding on plants, fruits, seeds, and grasses which cause damage to farmer’s fields, lawns, golf courses, landscaped areas, nurseries, and more

  • Moving into farms to feed on eggs and small livestock

  • Scaring customers away and harming employees as they aggressively defend ‘their’ territory

The damages that feral pigs can cause business owners are extensive, expensive, and can feel unending; but unfortunately for feral pigs, Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions has developed effective control measures to end their reign of terror. Our trapping methods condition the entire feral pig sounder group to use the trap enclosure as an area to feed from. Cameras and timers allow our experts to view the groups and to trap the entire group of feral pigs all at once with the push of a remote button. With this method, no pig is left behind and all are safely removed from the area.

Removing or handling feral pigs should never be attempted on your own. They are extremely dangerous and will not hesitate to protect themselves. The only safe way to deal with feral pigs is with the help of the highly trained and certified wildlife experts at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. Our professionals are insured and licensed to trap feral pigs, and we do so in a manner that is humane and 100% effective at trapping the entire group. To find out more about how Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions can help your commercial business become free from feral pig damages and dangers, give us a call today!

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