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Feral Pigs In Hawaii Are Destructive And Dangerous

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feral pig in Hawaii

When thinking of the management of pests, we normally think of bugs that invade our homes, raid our kitchens and become a nuisance. Unfortunately, there are pests much larger than ants, roaches and termites present here in Hawaii, and they’re capable of inflicting significant damage. We’re talking about feral pigs and here at Sandwich Isle, we’re getting a lot of calls for help dealing with these wild beasts.

Feral pigs are much more than a nuisance. According to our company president, Michael Botha, “Feral pigs are the single worst ecological disaster of forests in Hawaii.” These wild hogs cause considerable damage to vegetation and the soil structure as they dig in the soil for earthworms and roots to eat. Additionally they eat grasses, flowering plants, fruits, and seeds and because they are omnivores, they will also feast on rodents, snakes, eggs, frogs, crabs and even small livestock. The extent of damage and expense caused by feral pigs has been devastating to farmers in Hawaii. Entire fields have had to be fenced in, attempting to keep destructive pigs out of crops. There have been many corn crops that have been heavily damaged from pigs rooting, eating and knocking down corn stalks. The feral pigs have also caused considerable damage to lawns and landscaping. Sandwich Isle's president contributed to a recent article written for PCT on the topic; you can read the full article here.

Feral pigs in Hawaii also have a natural wallowing habit, which is when they create hollows or low areas. Unfortunately this allows water to collect and in turn gives mosquitoes a great environment in which to breed and thrive.

These critters have no natural predators in Hawaii to keep populations in check. And because they are very fast, extremely aggressive and ferocious, dealing with these pigs calls for extreme caution. Here at Sandwich Isle, we realize how dangerous these animals are and that’s why we’ve decided to become the number one predator of feral pigs in Hawaii.

If you are dealing with these destructive pigs, contact us right away. Our wildlife control professionals are licensed and insured for wildlife management and are ready to help you protect your property from feral pigs. Contact us today to learn more about our feral pig management!


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