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Feral Pigs In Hawaii, Natures Rototiller

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Image of a Feral Pig

Do you remember the Rubik's Cube? You know what I'm talking about, that frustrating cube with all the bright colors on it, that was divided into 9 boxes on each side? When it was launched in 1980, most people were lucky enough to get two sides to be a solid color. And, most of us just gave up trying after a while, figuring it just wasn't doable. But there were those who were crazy enough to take on the challenge of figuring that little puzzle out. In 1981, Jury Froeschi, a native of Munich, solved the puzzle in 38 seconds. Do you know what the current world record for solving the Rubik's cube is now? 5.55 seconds.

What does the Rubik's cube and feral pigs have to do with each other? If your business touches forested area and you have wild pigs trampling and devouring your vegetation, solving that problem can feel as daunting as one of those frustrating Rubik's cubes. Fortunately, the fine folks at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions have a solution for you. Consider it like taking a screwdriver, pulling that puzzle apart, and putting it back together with all the colors in the right spots. Did you do that? I did … not one of my prouder moments.

Since the introduction of Eurasian feral pigs, or Sus scrofa, in 1778, these pigs have been a plague on the native ecosystem of Hawaii, trampling undergrowth, compacting soil, devouring vegetation, and uprooting the tender shoots of growing plants. These pigs travel in groups called sounders, which act like natures rototiller wherever their hooves go. Getting rid of them can be difficult and dangerous, but Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions has found a way to get rid of whole sounders in one fell swoop. You heard me right. They can trap that entire group that has been plaguing you. Here is how it works:

A feeding unit is surrounded by a metal corral. The gate of the corral is left up, so feral hogs of an entire sounder can feed easily. Once the hogs feel safe feeding from the feeding unit, they will begin to come in and lounge around it. Live video from another location allows trappers to know when to snap the gate shut, trapping the entire sounder inside. This technique, developed by Jager Pro, has been wildly successful in Georgia, where they harvest over 1000 feral hogs annually.

If you're having issues with feral hogs in Hawaii, let Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions take care of that puzzle for you. They may not be able to do it in 5.55 seconds, but you will be amazed at how quickly they can make your puzzle go away. With their military-grade, state-of-the-art, hog trapping system, your pig problem will be taken care of safely, and permanently. Give them a call and learn more.

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