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Fire Ants In Maui

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fire ants close up

If you have ever been strolling along and noticed a soft dirt mound with reddish looking ants scurrying in and out of it, you might find it much safer to just go around. There is a good chance that what you are witnessing are not regular, every day ants. These are probably fire ants, and they are nothing that you want to put your foot into, so to speak. Hawaii is a haven for all creatures great and small; and since the fire ant was introduced, they have taken hold in a big way.

Fire ants are an invasive species here in the Islands and there are a couple of different kinds that are a threat to us here in Maui. In the 1940’s the tropical fire ant first found their way in. These ants are about an eighth of an inch long and are red. Next came the little fire ant, which has been found in localized parts of Maui since 2009. Little fire ants are smaller than their cousins and are yellowish to brown. They bring a lot more problems to your property.

The tropical fire ant isn’t much of a threat to your home, but if you find them on your property, it can be a different story. If these ants feel their nests are threatened they can deliver painful stings which can be dangerous to pets, small children, and anyone with an allergy. Thousands live together underground and will move swiftly to defend their home.

The little fire ant is different. These are a very aggressive species who will invade your home and your property. These ants do not build mound nests. Instead, they will nest in trees, logs and a variety of other places such as potted plants and even electrical boxes. These ants can deliver a truly painful sting with welts lasting for weeks. They will sting pets and possibly even cause blindness in them. These ants are known to invade gardens and farms where they do heavy damage to crops.

If either of these species have invaded your property, do not try to get rid them on your own. Not only could it be dangerous to you and your family, it is almost an impossible task without the proper equipment or training. Call us today at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. Our experienced technicians will be at your door to help you safely eliminate the fire ants and do our part to stop the spread of these invaders.

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