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FumeGuard Program Protects Your HI Home During Tent Fumigation

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FumeGuard Monitoring Program In Hawaii

When it comes to serious pest infestations, homes and businesses in Honolulu rely on fumigation services. At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions we have been providing effective fumigations in Honolulu and Hawaii for many years to kill off even the most severe infestations of bed bugs, termites, other insects and even rodents. In fact, we are now the single largest provider of tent fumigations in Hawaii. With that said, there was a need to increase security during fumigations which is how the FumeGuard Program was born.

The FumeGuard Program includes a fumigant monitoring and intrusion alarm system to help ensure an effective and safe fumigation service. The fumigant monitoring is a way to measure gas levels and ensure that the fumigation was 100% effective in killing off the pest infestation and also a way to monitor when the fumigation is complete and the structure is safe to enter. The intrusion alarm system is a criminal deterrent to help prevent the increasing trend of break-ins during the fumigation process.

Our intrusion alarm system works through heat and movement detection. In the event of a trigger, the alarm dispatch and five supervisors are instantly contacted. In addition, a strobe light is activated and loud sirens will sound. Since this is a wireless system, there are no wires that can be cut which make it hard for any criminal activity to go undetected. Now home and business owners in Honolulu and on Oahu will not have to worry about the safety of their building during a scheduled fumigation.

In order to further ensure a safe fumigation process, we encourage and ask residents and business owners to take extra measures to protect their valuables. There are many ways to further increase the safety while a building is being fumigated including:

Hiring on site security
Removing valuables from the vicinity
Engaging the home alarm system
Contacting local law enforcement to check in during the fumigation
Contacting your trusted neighbors to help keep an eye on your property

To learn more about Sandwich Isle’s exclusive FumeGuard Program to keep your building safe during fumigation, please contact us today! When it comes to getting rid of a serious pest infestation, the last thing you want to worry about is a break in. So allow our fumigation team to deliver you a safe and 100% effective tent fumigation in Hawaii with the new fumigant monitoring and intrusion alarm system.

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