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Get Complete Protection From Pests In Hawaii

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There are many small details to maintaining a home. One thing that many people try to go without or overlook is pest control services; but in reality, did you know that implementing a pest control plan is one of the best things that you can do for the health of your home and family? Pests like ants, spiders, bed bugs, centipedes, flies, rodents, fleas, termites, and many others can introduce a whole host of diseases to your family, destroy personal belongings, significantly damage the structure of your home, and/or contaminate food stored within your home. Preventing pests in your home is a necessity; and luckily, it has never been more economical or easy, especially when you team up with the pest professionals at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions!

Year-round pest prevention services allow professionals to come in and inspect your home, take care of current pest problems, and provide routine services to prevent future problems with pests. At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions we have several pest control plans to choose from that bundle different services together making acquiring pest control for your home as easy and affordable as possible!

Premier Pest Protection

The Premier Pest Protection program provides year-round coverage for over 30 common pests, both interior and exterior services, and bi-monthly (6 times per year) service visits. This service provides the option of adding bed bug protection services for a small monthly fee.

Premier Pest Plus

The Premier Pest Plus program provides the same services that are included above, but this program has the added benefits of bundling together coverage for common household pests along with rodent control services, flea and tick reduction services; and the option of adding bed bug services for a small monthly fee.

Premier Pest Complete

The Premier Pest Complete program is our most inclusive service plan that we have available for our customers to choose from. It includes everything found in the Premier Pest Plus program including the option to add bed bug control services; but it also includes drywood termite spot treatment and ground termite elimination services!

Our Premier Pest Complete program allows you to get pest protection and termite protection for your home for one easy monthly fee after the initial service visit! How easy is that? You will never have to worry about pests in and around your home again, and you will know that you have all your pest control bases covered by the industry leading pest control experts at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions.

To start protecting your home from over 30 household pests, termites, rodents, fleas, and ticks call us and speak to one of our professionals. Sandwich Isle’s professionals understand the needs of our local homeowners and can help you decide which bundle program will meet your pest control needs in the most affordable way possible. Contact us today!

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