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Haole Boy Is Our Dog of the Month

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Dog Of The Month Haole Boy

There is no doubt that a dog adds immensely to a family. They are loyal, protective, possessive (in a good way), and they can comfort like no other. Dogs are smart and useful. They add a dimension to your life that is irreplaceable. Have you ever had a dog in your life that just looks at you with eyes filled with perfect love and devotion? It is not an experience that you will soon forget! When you decide to adopt a dog, you are not just adding a pet to your family; you are adding another family member. One that will love you unconditionally and support you no matter what you are going through.

All of these attributes are one reason why each month we sponsor a dog that is looking for a forever family of their own. We want to give you the opportunity to share in the richness that a dog will bring to your family by making it affordable for you. Free in fact. That’s right! When you choose to adopt the dog that Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions is sponsoring, we pick up the adoption fee and send you on your way with a great goodie bag for your new family member to start things off right.

This month’s precious canine is Haole Boy. Haole Boy is a 3-year-old hound mix and is as adorable as can be. He is a perfect little gentleman and would fit nicely into a home where he would be the only doggie. He is completely house trained so you don’t need to worry about that. He loves to just kick back and chill out. This sweet boy was rescued from a mountain trail by a good samaritan that was passing by and nursed back to perfect health.

If you feel that Haole Boy would make the perfect addition to your family, stop by the OSPCA and talk to the great folks there about the process. If Haole Boy is not your perfect fit, stay tuned for next month’s choice or just drop on over to the OSPCA to see the fine selection of dogs they have available. There is nothing quite like a dog to bring love and safety to your home and Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions is honored to be able to assist in an adoption each and every month. And remember, if you have issues with unwanted pests, there is nothing like having Sandwich Isle Pest on your side.

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