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Hau'oli Makahiki Hou From Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions

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Here in Hawaii, we celebrate the New Year in many of the ways the New Year is celebrated in the rest of the country. There will definitely be lots and lots of fireworks. And, there is sure to be someone wearing a pair of glasses in the shape of 2017, and more kazoos and noise makers than you can shake a stick at. But, the diverse culture found on the islands brings many other unique traditions, like sashimi, mochi, kagami mochi, and more. There are lots of treats to enjoy for the new year and lots of ways to prepare them. These make New Year's day in Hawaii just a little bit tastier than New Year's day anywhere else in the country. But, living in paradise also has its drawbacks.

If you've lived in Hawaii for any length of time, you are aware that we have a lot of bugs and animals that can make themselves a nuisance. The temperate climate of the islands gives pests the perfect eco-system in which to live and thrive. But you don't have to let these creatures ruin your little slice of paradise. It is possible to have all of the benefits of living in Hawaii, without the drawbacks of having critters slithering across your bed, scrambling up your walls, and inching their way across your ceiling. Make 2017 the year you decide to get year-round pest control service from Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, and say goodbye to pests.

When you have year-round pest service from Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, you'll have relief from over 30 common household pests, and all of the problems those pests can cause. You'll have fewer creepy crawly bugs, less sickness, fewer bites, and less damage being done to your home and your belongings. Living without bugs and wildlife isn't just a quality of life upgrade, it is essential protection that will keep your family, your pets, your home, and your belongings safer.

Make 2017 the year you decide to live without termites, wasps, spiders, giant centipedes, cockroaches, carpenter ants, bed bugs, rodents, wood borers, millipedes, pantry pests, and many more. Make 2017 the year you get year-round pest service from Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, where your satisfaction isn't just a's guaranteed.

At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we employ industry experts who hold national positions within the National Pest Management Association. We make sure our staff is given the tools and education needed to safely and effectively manage invading pests and animals. Hawaii has a wide variety of creatures. Our team knows how to control them all.

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou From Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions! We hope to see you in the new year!

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