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Hawaii Bird Control For Solar Panels

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How To Get Rid Of Mynah Birds In Hawaii

Pest birds are a problem all across Hawaii and business owners in Honolulu know this first hand. With the recent increase in solar panels on the roofs of commercial facilities, pest birds are becoming even more commonplace, as these birds especially enjoy solar panels for areas to nest. If you have been dealing with pigeons, sparrows or the Mynah bird, Hawaii natives know that your best solution is to call the professionals at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. With services from Sandwich Isle, your facility can avoid infestations of the pest birds of Hawaii.

Because the professionals at Sandwich Isle know that pest birds can wreak havoc on the structures they infest, we have recently added solar panel exclusion services to our long list of bird control services. The birds of Oahu deface structures with their corrosive droppings, causing structural damages over time. They can also spread diseases through their droppings and cause liability lawsuits when customers or employees hurt themselves by slipping on their feces. When you have a new solar panel system on your facility, it is crucial to keep these panels protected from birds, so solar panel bird protection services are available from Sandwich Isle.

The solar panel exclusion kit provided by Sandwich Isle helps to keep birds from getting under solar panel arrays, protecting the roof, wiring and equipment from damage. Our exclusion system is quickly and easily installed by our technicians and is 100% effective. This non-penetrating system protects against all levels of pest bird pressures; it will also protect against several different species of birds.

When it comes to knowing how to get rid of Mynah birds and other pest birds in Hawaii, look no further than the professionals at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions in Honolulu. Our professionals have many years of experience in eliminating Hawaii bird infestations that are problematic to your facility and we offer solutions to remove the birds as well as the conditions that attract them. For bird control that you can trust to protect solar panels, structures and employees and customers, contact Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions today!

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