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Hawaii Cockroach Threats

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cockroach found in pantry

"I'm starting to see cockroaches in my home. Should I be worried?"

The temperate weather here in Hawaii is ideal for cockroaches, and it is not uncommon for these pests to invade our homes. Many people just live with them. But here are 6 reasons you may want to be concerned if you start seeing cockroaches in your home.

1. If you have not had cockroaches before and you're starting to see them, something has changed. You may have holes in your exterior walls that you didn't have before, or maybe a door sweep or some weather stripping that isn't working properly, or conditions in or around your home may have changed to encourage these pests to choose your home to inhabit. These changes should be looked into and addressed.

2. When cockroaches get into a home they have the potential to bring human-spread pathogens with them. The illness caused by these pathogens is often mistaken for the flu, since they have many of the same symptoms. This is why people live with cockroaches and don't immediately deal with them when they first appear.

3. Cockroaches are known to eat what we would consider to be some very nasty things. While you might put your nose up at a decaying animal, cockroaches will see that as a banquet. While you wouldn't think to eat something from the trash, cockroaches look at your trash like it's an all-you-can-eat buffet. For this reason, they are not a pest you should have crawling around on your food prep surfaces, dishes, silverware, or pantry shelves. Yet many of us allow them to because we can't see the harmful bacteria they are spreading. Those bacteria are too tiny to see with the naked eye, but that doesn’t stop them from poisoning food sources or contaminating areas where food is prepared.

4. Another health issue that cockroaches can exacerbate is Asthma, especially in children. Studies have shown that cockroach saliva and body parts contain hundreds of allergens that can cause skin rashes, sneezing, watery eye symptoms, and potentially dangerous complications for those who suffer from asthma. Some who don't have asthma can even develop it by inhaling cockroach allergens.

5. It is rare that a cockroach will bite, but when available food sources are scarce, they can, and do, bite. Fortunately, they are not poisonous. The bite from a cockroach will be nothing more than an irritation. That does not, however, make it any less disturbing.

6. Cockroaches have been known to draw saliva from the mouth of sleeping humans, and nibble on eyelashes.

Don't live with cockroaches in your Hawaii home. At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we have knowledgeable staff members that will make your cockroach infestation a thing of the past. Sealing cockroaches out isn't just a quality of life upgrade, it will keep your family safer, and healthier. Make sure to give us a call when you first see signs of cockroaches, to avoid large scale infestations.

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