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Hawaii Feral Pig Control Services From Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions

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Feral Pig Hawaii

Are you having problems with feral pigs? These pests can inflict severe damage to the native ecosystems of Hawaii; feral pigs in Hawaii will consume ground-cover plants, spreading weeds and creating mosquito breeding areas with their rooting and wallowing in wet forests. To get rid of feral pigs, professional assistance must be sought, as these pests can be challenging to control.


Because feral pigs have no natural predators, without control services from professionals of wildlife control, these pests will continue to overrun the environment that they inhabit. At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions in Honolulu, we offer helpful feral pig control services that will provide large volume corral trapping of feral pigs. Although small scale trapping can be useful, large scale control services can capture entire sounder groups of feral pigs at the push of a button! With traps that have live camera feeds, our method of trapping allows us to make educated decisions on when to close the gate on these invasive pests. Our control options to get rid of feral pigs are efficient, allowing us to spend the least amount of time, labor and fuel to accomplish 100% capture of these pests. Our feral pig control solution is also humane, because we believe all creatures deserve to be managed in the most humane way possible.


Feral pigs are descendants of the Polynesian and European swine that were brought to the Hawaii islands by the early Polynesians and Europeans. They were originally brought here to be farmed, but when they started getting loose, they went feral. They cause problems when they rototill the soil, eating native plants and spreading invasive plants through their feces. They have destroyed countless acres of native undersoil, which has caused certain birds to go extinct by providing breeding grounds for mosquitoes through the wallows they dig. The mosquitoes take advantage of these new places to breed, and have been responsible for spreading various avian diseases that have decimated native bird populations.


Getting rid of feral pigs is a difficult task, but something the professionals at Sandwich Isle can assist you with. Contact us today for more information on control services for feral pigs or other wildlife that may be causing problems for you. Peacocks, feral cats, chickens, feral pigs and other wildlife in Hawaii stand no chance against the professionals at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions.

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