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Hawaii Has Lots Of Termites & Lots Of Options

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termites up close

There are lots of termites in Hawaii. The temperate climate of our state is ideal for all termite species to thrive, including the most destructive species; which means that there are a lot of ways termites can attack your property. And that, my friends and neighbors, is why you need options. Lots of options and Sandwich Isles Pest Solutions has got the best of the best termite treatment options!

Termite Treatment Options From Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions

Bait. The most effective and bio-friendly solutions for subterranean termites is the Sentricon® Termite Elimination System. This bait system uses the natural foraging trait of worker termites against them. When they tunnel underground in search of food, they stumble upon bait stations in the ground. These stations have a bait that has been scientifically proven to be preferable to wood, the food source termites normally eat, ensuring that they will eat the bait and carry it back into their colony to share with other termites, including the queen herself. When the queen dies, the colony dies.

Liquid. A liquid barrier is sometimes the best option. But at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions we don't just use any kind of liquid insecticide, we use a non-repellent and undetectable chemical technology from Termidor® that termite workers pick up and pass on to the rest of the termites in their colony. While not as effective as Sentricon® at destroying termite colonies, it works much better than other liquid termiticides that don't address the colony that is sending out the worker termites.

Fumigation. Whether you need an entire warehouse tented or a single piece of furniture, Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions has you covered--pun intended. Fumigation is like a reset switch for target pests, and a powerful tool in the battle against termites.

If you live in Hawaii, you should never go without termite protection. Go with the pest control company that will give you the options you need to effectively protect your property from all of the many ways termites can attack. Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions is a leader in the pest management industry with highly educated professionals on staff who not only develop and oversee local pest treatment plans but hold positions in the National Pest Management Association and guide pest control protocols for the entire country. Now that's termite protection you can trust, every single time.

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