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Help Bug Bites Get Better Faster

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Bug Bite

I love everything that is summer…..even the hazy, hot, humid days when there is nothing to do but lay on your back in the grass and watch the clouds go by. I love the long days and the warm nights, the beautiful birds flitting overhead calling to each other as they pass by, and even the occasional shower or storm that leaves the air so crisp and clean once it has finished washing the world. It is absolutely my favorite time of the year; however, as close to paradise as summer is for me there is still a small blotch in its perfection. Bugs! That’s right, bugs seem to invade and penetrate every aspect of summer fun at some point or other. It seems like there are specific bugs that are prevalent no matter what time of day or what type of weather is present; but even with their invasions I have found several ways to keep these pests from ruining a perfectly good day.

Whenever possible avoid being outside during dawn and dusk hours when mosquitoes are at their peak. Also, avoid using flowery shampoos, body wash, and perfume as it is a huge attraction for mosquitoes and bees. Using insect repellent with at least 20% DEET to keep these biting, stinging insects away – unless you are under 3 years old - then oil of lemon eucalyptus will help. To avoid the tick bite and all that is Lyme you should avoid wooded and tall grassy areas. Insect repellent is a must to avoid ticks also. Wear closed toed shoes rather than sandals and keep your pants tucked into your socks. Wearing long-sleeve shirts and full-length pants is helpful also. Even so, it is inevitable that you will feel the sting or itch of these little beastie’s wrath at some point over the summer.

There are several ways to lessen the effects of summer bug bites and keep you and your family safe and involved in summer fun.

  • Inspect your surroundings – steer clear of known bug habitations

  • If you are stung or bitten flee the area to avoid more bites

  • Stay calm and encourage your children to remain calm when they are bitten

  • Remove stingers immediately

  • Wash the area with warm soap and water


  • Use of an ice pack can reduce the swelling and itch

  • Use anti-itch creams or sticks

Most often these bites are nothing but a nuisance and you are off and running again in no time at all, but occasionally there are reasons for great concern. Allergic reactions are at the top of the list including the possibility of a life-threatening condition known as anaphylaxis. If you at all are concerned that something is awry with any type of insect bit, seek medical attention immediately.

One of the best ways to prevent these issues with insects and insect bites, is to utilize a professional pest control company like Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions to administer year-round pest control in your yard and around your home. We offer two certified entomologists on staff and are Quality-Pro certified. Our technicians have gone through extensive pre-employment screenings, are highly trained and certified which means you can trust them to eliminate your pest control issues while keeping you, your family, and the environment safe. Help avoid your bug bites today by partnering with Sandwich Isle Pest.

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