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Here's What To Do If You Have Roaches In Your Home

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Cockroach Infestation in Hawaii Home

So you’re just minding your own business, making a sandwich for lunch. As you reach for the bottle of mustard, you look across the counter and see a giant cockroach go scurrying by. After letting out a high pitched scream (yes, we all do it!), it’s time to consider contacting the Honolulu exterminators at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions.  A sighting of just one cockroach may not seem like enough to warrant a pest control professional, but the presence of just one cockroach inside your home can signify a problem.  These insects are known for spreading disease because they pick up bacteria and pathogens on their bodies as they travel through sewers, over garbage and animal feces. These pathogens can then be transferred to your kitchen counter, your food prep surfaces, your dishes and your eating utensils and then eventually to you, making you and your family sick. Setting up your first inspection with a pest control company in Hawaii is the first step, but is there anything else you can do to help stop roaches inside your home? Here are a few quick roach control tips to limit any populations inside your home before the pest control pros get there. 

  1. Make sure you don’t leave food out on your counter tops. If you have produce (bananas, apples) stored on your counter, put it away somewhere that roaches won’t have access to it. Leaving food on the counters is like inviting roaches to an all-you-can-eat buffet.

  2. Put the pet food away. If Fluffy or Fido don’t finish their dinners within an hour of putting it out for them, put it away. Roaches will happily dine on pet food too!

  3. Reduce areas of clutter. If roaches can’t find a good place to hide, they can’t live comfortable inside your home.

  4. Try to eliminate any sources of water inside your home by fixing any leaky pipes or leaky faucets.

  5. Cut back tree branches or other sources of vegetation that may be touching the side or roof of your home. Pests like cockroaches will use these things as a bridge to gain entry into your home. 

These tips can help limit any cockroach problems and can even help prevent them in the future. If you make your home unsuitable for roaches in Hawaii, they won’t be able to survive inside your home. 

Unsure whether or not you’re seeing cockroaches? The Hawaii cockroaches that we typically encounter in our homes include the American cockroach, the German cockroach and the Surinam cockroach (which is also called the ‘burrowing’ cockroach).  These cockroaches all look a little different (check out our cockroach pest ID here for more info!), but they are all searching for the same thing: a suitable environment in which to find food, water, shelter and a place to breed. If you’re offering any of these things, a cockroach family may move in, which can soon turn into a cockroach colony and then a full-blown cockroach infestation!

Contact the Honolulu pest control specialists at Sandwich Isle today to schedule your first inspection and let us help you eliminate cockroaches from your home!

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