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Holiday Baking Without The Stress

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pantry pest in grain

As the holidays roll around, families all over the United States hit the kitchen baking all sorts of tasty treats for friends and neighbors. What is better than pulling out your favorite pie from the oven to celebrate Thanksgiving or leaving your famous chocolate chip cookies for the big man in red on Christmas Eve? Frequently hailed as the best time of the year, the holiday season can also be one of the most stressful. There are those among us who not only want to make sure that the holidays are as advertised, but to be the best holiday yet. Imagine that moment when that person pulls out all of their baking stash, flour, chocolate chips, nuts, and sugar only to find it full of tiny little bugs in that first scoop full.

There are many types of pests that can contaminate your food. Often they come home with you from the store where you purchased it, or from the factory that it came from. Once inside your home, pests, such as the Indian meal moth, will quickly wreak havoc in your cupboards. The Indian meal moth lays its eggs in products like flour, sugar, dried spices, dried fruit, and nuts where they hatch into larvae that feed off of these pantry items. The adult moths then fly around your home and by initial appearance you might mistake it for any other moth fluttering around your lights in any room of the house. Their gray coloring won't really set off any alarm bells for you. The larvae grow and mature into the adult moths which then turn around and lay eggs in the same place, making the infestation even worse.

Even if you were to go through all of your cupboards and throw away every box and bag of stored food and replaced every bit of it, you may find in just a short time that you have the same infestation back again. The problem is probably because the Indian meal moth has laid eggs in the farthest corners where your sponge couldn’t reach or even in the crevices of the cabinet where small amounts of flour might have been trapped. Those eggs hatch and the infestation starts all over again. It can be a very frustrating infestation to have and difficult to get rid of without proper help from a professional service like Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions.

Professional help for your infestation is only a phone call away. This time of year is stressful enough, call us at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions and let us show you how we can eliminate many household pests like Indian meal moths, cockroaches, flies, as well as others with our year-round pest control programs.

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