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Holiday Travel: Avoid One Stressful Item

In: Bed Bugs

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While one of the best things about the holidays can be spending time with family, we understand that it can also be a stressful time. Traveling to see family can bring with it a multitude of challenges. From figuring out where to stay to packing for everyone, taking time off from work, making travel arrangements, and of course, the actual travel – it can be exhausting. As if all of that weren't enough, we now have to worry about dreaded bed bugs! Bed bug infestations are commonplace these days. No longer can you just throw your suitcase on the bed and settle into your hotel, you've got to do an inspection. Check out these tips for avoiding a bed bug infestation this holiday season and what to do should you get one.

Spotting Bed Bugs

While bed bugs are both small and gross, they leave some pretty tell-tale clues behind which make them easy to spot if you know what you are looking for. First off, don't set your suitcase down on the carpet, couch, or bed – use the suitcase rack or the dresser. Bed bugs love warm dark places, and will hide in these spots first. Pull back the sheets and mattress and box-spring covers, look for signs of bed bugs, which include:

  • Small blood stains on the sheets, or mattress, even the walls near the bed

  • Live bugs in the seams of the mattress, they like to hide here

  • Shells or skins of the nymphs (baby bed bugs)

It's also a good idea to check the bedside table, including under the lamp and alarm clock. Check in the drawers, including inside phone books or bibles. Look behind hanging paintings and under any peeled wall paper. Also check the carpet, particular near the edges of the walls. Couches and other bedding are also great bed bug hiding spots.

If you forgot to check before you climbed into that cozy bed or crashed on that comfy couch and wake up with itchy red spots, accompanied by those blood stains on the sheets, that's a big red flag that there are bed bugs.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

If you were unfortunate enough to bring some bed bugs home in your suitcase or clothing, there are things you can try to get rid of them from vacuuming, washing all clothes and bedding, and throwing everything that isn't nailed down into the dryer. Bed bugs can be tricky though, if there are eggs or if you miss one, they will hatch and the infestation will continue.

This is where the professionals from Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions come in. We will use a combination of tried and true techniques to permanently rid your home of bed bugs. We’ll make bed bug control recommendations based on how bad the infestation is and take steps to remedy the situation. Give us a call today!

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