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Honolulu Exterminators Offer Rodent Prevention Tips

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Rat in Hawaii

Rodents are a year round problem for many Hawaii homes and businesses. Mice and rats are constantly looking for places to find food, water and shelter in order to thrive. What can you do to protect your home from rodents in Hawaii? Rats and mice will be looking to find a way into your home, so planning ahead now to prevent these pests from entering your Hawaii home is the best course of action.


Here are a few basic rodent prevention tips from the Honolulu pest control experts at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions:


  • Find any areas around your home that may be open to the elements. This includes gaps in the siding of your home, as well as small openings around pipes and utility wires that come into the home. Make sure you have these areas closed up to prevent rodents and insects from entering your home. Keep in mind that mice can enter through a hole the diameter of a dime while rats can enter through a hole the diameter of a quarter (and if they are desperate enough, a tiny hole can be chewed the right size to fit their little bodies!).

  • Eliminate sources of food that are available to hungry rodents. This includes never leaving food on your counters, putting open packages of food in your pantry in airtight plastic or glass containers and taking the trash outside regularly. If there is food available to rodents, they can happily thrive inside your home.

  • Remove clutter from around your home. If you have storage spaces like attics, basements or garages, keep all your belongings stored in heavy duty plastic containers with tight fitting lids. If rodents have no places to hide, they can’t easily live inside your home.

  • Cut back vegetation from the exterior of your home. Tree branches and shrubs that are touching your home act as a freeway for rodents and other pest invaders looking to get inside your home.


By following these prevention tips, your home will be more secure and better protected from invading rodents as well as other pest invaders, including cockroaches, ants, flies and spiders. If you are reading this now because you are looking to get rid of the rodents that have already found your home, you need rodent control in Hawaii. Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions knows how to get rid of rats and mice and we can offer exceptional rodent control services to eliminate these pests and help keep them from returning.

Honolulu exterminators at Sandwich Isle offer one-time services as necessary or we could set you up on a yearly home pest control program to keep your home free from the pest invaders that are present through every season. Our Pest Prevention program offers a comprehensive 10-step pest eliminate plan that is customized to your home and your specific needs. Give us a call today for more information on our rodent control services or to learn more about our Pest Prevention program available in Honolulu, Pearl City, throughout Oahu and parts of Big Island.


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