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Honolulu Pest Control Pros On The Difference Between Rats And Mice

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Different Between A Rat And A Mouse

We’ve been getting more phone calls lately about the presence of rodents inside homes and businesses. Rodents are always on the lookout for dry and warm places to attain protection from any chilly nights and/or wet weather. As both mice and rats begin looking for food, water and shelter, you don’t want that rodent safe haven be your property. The Honolulu exterminators at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions would like to offer you a few rodent prevention tips to help keep these pests from choosing your home or business as their next shelter.


  • Eliminate cracks and gaps around the exterior of your home. Rodents can enter through an area with the diameter of a dime, so it’s absolutely necessary to block up any entry points, no matter how small they may seem.

  • Don’t leave food on the counters or in unprotected packaging in your cupboards; if rodents have access to food, they will happily be able to survive inside your home.

  • Reduce areas of clutter; rodents are looking for an undisturbed area to nest in, so with boxes and other cluttered areas they will be able to find any number of places to hide from you.

  • Keep garbage stored in a heavy metal or plastic container with a tight fitting lid.

  • Don’t leave garbage on the curb overnight waiting for trash pickup; this is a major rodent (as well as wild animal) attractant.

  • Don’t give rodents a place to hide directly around your foundation; remove weeds, debris and other vegetation that they may hide in.

  • If your pet doesn’t eat all their food at one sitting, put the food away until your pet may want to eat it later in the day.

  • Install screens over doors and windows; make sure they are intact to prevent allowing entry to rodents as well as insects and spiders.


If you have an environment that offers rodents food, water and shelter, you could very easily be inviting rodents in without realizing it. By following these prevention tips, you hopefully won’t have to deal with these pests.


But if you suspect you already have rodents living inside your property, do you know which pest has invaded? Thanks to cartoons and the internet, you may think you know the difference between a rat and a mouse, but when you see them in real life you may actually have trouble telling the differences between them as it can be hard when they are not right next to each other. To help determine rat vs. mouse, here are some identification tips:


Rats are medium sized rodents with very long and thin tails. In Hawaii, we typically run into roof rats, Norway rats and Polynesian rats. These rats all vary in size and coloring, but typically rats are much larger than mice. Mice (like the common house mouse) tend to be smaller bodied with shorter tails; the house mouse has a triangular head with a pointed muzzle. Rats typically have a short and stubby head that is broad with a large and blunt muzzle. If you’ve not seen the rodents themselves, but you’re seeing signs of them, the rodent feces that you find may help you identify the pest. The difference between rat and mouse droppings is simple: rats have long spindle shaped droppings that are about ¾ of an inch long; mice droppings are rod shaped and approximately ¼ of an inch long.


These tips should help you recognize what kind of pest you are dealing with, but this information is not absolutely necessary when you call Sandwich Isle for pest control services. We can set up an appointment to inspect your property and our knowledgeable pest control professional can determine what kind of pest you have and offer you treatment options to take care of the problem. If you are looking for rodent control in Hawaii, look no further than the Honolulu pest control professionals at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions!

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