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How Bird Deterrents Can Save Your Business

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mynah bird outside hawaii business

Birds can cause problems for commercial properties. Customers may not want to approach your business if there are birds flying around or in the parking lot. Not only are they damaging to the image of your business and at times, cause structural damages, but bird waste can create toxic threats for your customers and employees.

Problems Caused by Pest Birds

For some businesses, such as restaurants, daycare centers, and nursing homes - birds can become a sanitation problem that could result in fines or even in the health department closing your doors. Bird feces, diseases, and parasites are a few concerns caused by nuisance birds in and around your business. While many birds contribute to the environmental beauty, they also can become a problem that requires specialized control.

When bird activity becomes a nuisance, they need to be controlled. Bird nesting, flocking, and roosting can cause a number of problems including:

  • Defecating on stored materials

  • Defecating on buildings and sidewalks

  • Create hazards on sidewalks that cause people to slip and fall

  • Flocking in parking lots

  • Ruin inventory of products

  • Stain or damage painted finishes, from vehicles to fencing, to the building itself

  • Eating or contaminating commercial food goods

Effectively controlling birds in and around your business may involve modifying the habitat to naturally discourage the birds from the area, exclusion services, traps, devices designed to frighten birds away, and sometimes chemical solutions.

Don’t let pest birds cause problems for your commercial building, learn how a bird deterrent can save your business.

Benefits of Bird Deterrents for Business

Our bird control program will identify the source of your bird problems and then take steps to reduce and often eliminate birds that linger around your commercial property, including common Hawaii nuisance birds, such as pigeons, chickens, peacocks, sparrows, and mynah birds. Sandwich Isle bird control solutions will:

  • Prevent birds from lingering in your parking lot, garden, and/or landscaping

  • Eliminate bird nests in trees and shrubs on your property

  • Reduce bird droppings

  • Use non-lethal solutions for other animals in the area, and to humans

  • Provide long-lasting results

Some of the equipment and solutions we use involve bird spikes, post and wire, repellents, netting, and shock tracks.

Sandwich Isle Commercial Bird Deterrent Solutions

Our specially trained technicians will rid your business of all nuisance birds – whether they’ve made your trees a permanent home or they’re just walking around the parking lot begging employees and customers for a free food handout.

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