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How Did Bed Bugs Get to Hawaii?

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bed bug crawling on bed

There are a lot of creatures in Hawaii that didn't start out here. Like all of the other invasive species that now call Hawaii home, bed bugs got here the same way: by boat and by plane, but unlike rats and mice, they didn't stowaway in a cargo area. They also didn't come inside coffee beans, like the coffee borer beetle, or inside lumber products, like the termite. This pest prefers to be up close and personal.

How Bed Bugs Travel

This is a bug that is brought into Hawaii by people. They hide in luggage, bags, and other items people carry, and lay their eggs in clothing, bedding, and the seams of items that hold clothing. For a sought-after tourist destination like Hawaii, this is a problem. A big problem!

It would be one thing if bed bugs only came to Hawaii riding inside mattresses. We would be able to examine these goods as they enter the state and be able to set up stations to treat infected items, much in the same way we fumigate for coffee borer beetles. But, they come inside personal items carried by tourists and residents returning from abroad, and that makes controlling these pests as they come in much more difficult.

When these bugs ride their way into hotels, motels, and resorts, it is only a matter of time before they hitch a ride on local residents. What begins as a commercial infestation soon turns into a problem for residential neighborhoods as these bugs hitchhike from house to house.

How do we slow the spread of bed bugs?

Public awareness is key in the prevention of bed bug infestations. We need to understand that:

  • Bed bugs don't just hitch a ride back with us from hotels. When we stay the night at a friend's or relative's house, we can pick these bugs up.

  • We don't have to stay the night to get bed bugs. If a home is infested with bed bugs, they can hitch a ride on anyone who visits. These bugs prefer coming out at night, but they can come out in the day as well.

  • Bed bugs don't just infest homes and businesses, they can also infest transportation. If you ride on a bus or in a taxi, be aware of what bed bugs look like and smell like. Yes. These pests have a smell. The scent from the glands of bed bugs produces a musty odor that smells like moldy clothes.

Be vigilant and always keep an eye out for bed bugs. If you find bed bugs in your Hawaii home, call Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. Our team has the education, experience, and state-of-the-art equipment to thoroughly eradicate and control these pests.

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