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How Do I Get Rid Of Centipedes?

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Finish this sentence: "Last night I found a centipede in my bed..." We've come up with a couple endings that give a clear understanding of just what kind of pest these bugs can be. Check them out and see if you agree.

"Last night I found a centipede in my bed…"

Now I sleep on the couch.

And I lost my ever loving mind.

And naturally, I flipped out.

And I didn't sleep for 3 days.

And I started screaming and crying.

So I kicked the covers off and started screeching.

And I was like, no. Just no.

These are the clean and socially acceptable responses people have had when finding a centipede in their bed. Most of the time this sentence ends with expletives that shall not be mentioned. Why is this? Because centipedes are creepy. Really really creepy.

It may be that they have a ton of legs that shoot out from the sides of their body. It may be that they look like something the cat coughed up, or it may even be the unearthly way they move across the wall and climb over things like some kind of construction machine. Who knows for sure. But this is a bug that freaks most people out, especially if it decides to cuddle up underneath their covers.

If you're getting centipedes in your home, sleeping on the couch isn't going to fix anything and neither will losing your mind and flipping out. The only thing that is going to keep these bugs from putting you in a padded room is effective pest control.

Here are some things you can do yourself towards the goal of effective pest control:

  • Make sure all your door and window screens are in good working condition.

  • Check all your door sweeps and weather stripping to be sure that they are making a proper connection all the way across.

  • Seal holes, gaps, or cracks in your exterior walls, especially around pipes and other items that pass through walls.

  • Reduce the conditions in your yard that make it attractive to centipedes, such as open trash cans, moist soil, construction materials, and lawn clutter.

Along with your steps, here are the things that only a pest control company can do, like:

  • A thorough inspection of your property and implement Integrated Pest Management methods to naturally resist centipedes and other invasive pests.

  • Application of EPA-approved pesticides safely and effectively, to fully exclude centipedes.

If you're finding centipedes on your Hawaii property, keep your sanity and get expert pest control from Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. We'll keep those centipedes out of your bed and out of your house.

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