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How Do I Get Rid Of Mynah Birds?

In: Bird Control

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mynah bird in hawaii

The mynah bird is a native of Southeast Asia. While many find the bird's appearance to be beautiful, it's a troublesome bird that causes problems wherever it goes! It has migrated from its homeland and can now be found all over the world, which is somewhat unfortunate, as the mynah is aggressive and fights with other birds and wildlife. In fact, mynah birds will destroy both the eggs and babies of other birds and fight with small animals including squirrels. The mynah bird can damage gardens, spread diseases to humans and animals, and be a complete nuisance. In addition to harming other animals and causing damage to crops, mynah birds are very noisy creatures.

Tips for Preventing Mynah Birds

If you don't have mynah birds but want to make sure to keep it that way, you can take the following precautions to help prevent mynah birds from coming into your yard:

  • Don't use bird feeders or put bird seed out. While you may love to feed and watch the other birds, doing so can attract mynah birds into the yard as well.
  • Feed your pets indoors to discourage mynah birds from eating your pet's food.

  • If you have livestock, clean up any spills after feeding them and promptly remove food they do not consume.

  • Hang pie tins from trees to make it less inviting for mynah birds to come into the yard.

  • Reduce access to nesting sites in your yard by keeping your shrubs and trees trimmed and filling any holes in your siding or woodwork.

  • Get specially designed spikes to line the roofline and window sills to keep birds from building nests there.

  • Place plastic owls, hawks, or rubber snakes around your property paying special attention to probable nesting sites.

  • Adopt cats who will naturally deter mynah birds from your property.  

Mynah Bird Control Measures

If your prevention measures didn't keep the birds away or you already have mynah birds on your property and need help getting rid of them, contact Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. Our licensed and experienced pest control technicians can use a variety of bird control measures to attract the mynah birds inhabiting your yard and eliminate them. We may use a combination of services including:

  • Shock tracks

  • Trapping

  • Bird Spikes

  • Netting

  • Bird Wire

  • OvoControl

  • Solar Panel Exclusion

If mynah birds have become a problem on your Hawaii property give us a call today. 

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