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How Oahu Residents Are Controlling Pest Birds Today

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pigeon in honolulu hi

Did you know that pest birds are responsible for millions of dollars in property damages each year? And it’s no exception to Hawaii residents because pest birds including pigeons, sparrows, doves, and chickens are infesting many homes and properties on Oahu, causing damage, illness, and a lot of undue stress. Thankfully, to help protect families from the threats of pest birds, Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions has developed safe and effective methods of bird control.

Some of the biggest threats of an infestation of birds on your property include:

  • risk of slipping and falling from bird droppings

  • bird droppings and urine cause structural damage

  • droppings release airborne spores which can be inhaled by humans and cause illness

  • dropping can also contaminate water and food supplies passing along harmful pathogens

  • pest birds can introduce other pests into the home such as fleas, mites and lice

Clearly, birds are not good company to have nesting on your home or property. And Sandwich Isle understands just how important the health and safety of your family is which is why we have developed many methods of bird control including humane trapping, exclusion, and now even birth control for birds.

OvoControl is an effective way to help reduce pest bird populations by the use of consumed pellets that interfere with bird’s reproduction. Since pest birds and pigeons especially, reproduce so rapidly, it only takes a few birds to create a much larger infestation. This humane and effective form of bird birth control has helped some properties see an 88% decline in the number of pest birds just through the use of OvoControl pellets. And it keeps working, continuously diminishing pest birds over time which is great news for homeowners struggling to keep birds away from their property.

As with all pesticides, bird birth control is best left to the Hawaii pest control pros. Your Sandwich Isle technician will be able to evaluate the bird problem on your property and recommend the best solutions. Before you know it, you will be enjoying your property, free from the threat of birds. To learn more about OvoControl and pest birds in Honolulu as well as elsewhere on Oahu or to get started with Sandwich Isle’s bird control services, please contact us today!

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