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How Rats In Honolulu Differ From Mice

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Image comparison of mouse and rat in Honolulu

Mice and rats often get clumped together as rodents and while this is their proper category, there are actually many physical differences between the mice and rats of Honolulu and Hawaii. Rats are a common problem for many homes and businesses in Honolulu and on Oahu and Big Island and since rats are a larger species than mice, they can be quite alarming!

The traits that really make mice and rats differ from one another is their size and color. Rats are larger in size and tend to have a black coat whereas mice are smaller in stature and tend to be gray or tan in color. The most common rodents found in Hawaii are:

Common house mouse
Roof rat
Norway rat
Polynesian rat

As shown on the diagram above, there are many physical differences between mice and rats. But when it comes to them invading homes, both are considered to be commensal which means they thrive in the same environment as humans do. Both mice and rats are a dangerous pest as they threaten the health and safety of homes and businesses that they infest. A few of the dangers associated with a rodent infestation include:

  • The spread of at least 35 diseases.

  • Contamination of surfaces and food

  • Introduction of other pests like fleas

  • Structural damages

If you have spotted one of the rodents pictured above in your home or business is it important to contact the Honolulu pest control pros right away! Due to the dangers and difficulty in getting rid of rodents, it should always be left to a professional. Learn more about rodent control in Honolulu or simply give Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions a call today!

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