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How To Get Rid Of Centipedes In Maui

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Believe it or not, centipedes are a very common Hawaiian pest that makes their way indoors to invade the dark corners, cracks, and crevices of homes. Centipedes have a fairly distinctive look with their long segmented flat worm-like body that ranges in length from 1/8th of an inch to 6 inches. Each body segment has one pair of legs, which means, depending on the size and species of centipede each individual can have between 15 and 177 legs. The pros here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions would like to provide you with information about this common Hawaiian pest including how to get rid of them if they decide to make your home theirs.

Are centipedes aggressive or dangerous?

Centipedes are not an aggressive pest and are usually not something that many people associate with danger or are afraid of, but this does not mean that they are not a dangerous pest. Centipedes actually have the ability to use their pinchers to grab hold of skin and can use their fangs to inject poisonous venom into people. If you are bitten by a centipede you will know it, a bite can be quite painful and feels very similar to a bee sting. The venom is usually not strong enough to cause issues in most people, but allergic reactions can occur, especially in younger children.

Centipede bites usually only happen in cases of large infestations or when a person accidentally comes into contact with a centipede. Accidental contact can happen when someone reaches for or grabs an object that has a centipede on or in it. Inside homes and buildings, centipedes are commonly discovered in basements, closets, crawl spaces, or other dark and damp places. During the day, they hide out of sight and at night they come out to feed on other insects.

So how do you get rid of centipedes that have invaded your Hawaiian home?

The answer is super simple- contact the professionals at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. Trying to get rid of centipedes on your own can be a very frustrating task. It takes a professional's eye to locate all the areas of your home that centipedes are hiding in. By putting into place a professional pest control plan you will not only eliminate the centipedes but the other insects that are living in your home that they are feeding on. It's really a winning situation for everybody, except the pests!

Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions can eliminate centipedes through our Premier Pest Plans. These plans are comprehensive and include everything needed to safely eliminate and control centipedes and other pests in your Hawaiian home. Our Premier Pest Complete plan is our most inclusive service plan and includes the benefits of things like year round protection through bi-monthly services (6 per year), protection against 30+ common pests, exterior and interior services, and services to protect your property against specific pests like fleas, ticks, and termites.

Contact Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions today, to speak to one of our helpful experts for more information about centipedes, how we can help to get rid of them from your Hawaiian home, or about our year-round pest control solutions!

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