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If You’re Not Careful You Might Get Bed Bugs For Christmas!

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If you are like most people, there are probably a few things you are hoping you get for Christmas this year. Perhaps it’s that gold necklace you saw at the jewelers in the mall, or maybe it’s a new food processor, or a new set of tires for your car, but no matter what you have on top of your Christmas list this year, we are certain that it is not bed bugs. But this is just what so you might receive this holiday season – if you’re not careful!

Truth is bed bugs are everywhere. Sure, they were nearly eradicated just a decade or so ago; but they have made a huge comeback. This is partly because we have become somewhat apathetic as far as bed bugs go. You see, it wasn’t all that long ago that the number of bed bug infestations here in the U.S. was so low that we all but forgot about them. While we traveled and worked and played without worry or thought about these hitchhiking creatures, they were busy regrouping and reproducing and building a tolerance to the materials we were using to combat them. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the cases of bed bug infestation jumped sharply – and spread to include most towns and cities all across the country.

There are a few ‘old wives tales’ about bed bugs that have actually helped them to gain a foot hold. The first one is that they are found in beds. While they can be found in beds because they can easily have access to their meal of choice, human blood; they don’t just infest beds. They can live just about anywhere. Furniture, electrical equipment, luggage, purses, computer bags, and more can all play host to bed bugs. They will hide in electrical outlets and wall voids, behind picture frames and in any other nook and cranny they can find.

The second fable about bed bugs is that they only infest dirty, run-down locations. This is grossly inaccurate. They don’t care about cleanliness at all. They only care about finding a blood meal. They can be found in busses, taxi-cabs, planes, and boats. They infest hospitals, five star hotels, motels, malls, laundry mats, dorms, libraries, and any other place they can find a host to feed from.  And, yes, this means that not even Grandma’s house is a safe haven from these hitchhiking pests.

Truly, the best way to avoid bringing bed bugs home from the holidays this year is to stay vigilant and know what you are looking for. Search for the bugs themselves on cushioned seat seams, mattress seams, and in any nook, cranny, or corner of rooms and closets. Look for their shed casings that they leave behind as they grow and check for small spots of blood or brown spotting from their feces. Black streaks coming from electrical outlets are another good indicator that bed bugs are present. You should look behind pictures frames and inspect dresser drawers and carefully search any other small space that could allow these tiny bugs refuge.

The most important fact you should know about bed bugs if you are traveling this Christmas and live here on Oahu is that Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions has highly trained bed bug control experts on staff. We will quickly identify and discreetly exterminate bed bugs in your home or business.

Make sure that bed bugs are not part of your Christmas gift list this year by being alert and keeping your eyes peeled; but if they do find a way home with you, don’t panic. Simply contact the Honolulu bed bug professionals here at Sandwich Isle Pest for your fast, effective, industry-leading, bed bug monitoring and control solutions.


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